Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Lamb

Ah Raymond is too hard to fool.

Will too.

It's okay Hellfire I'm not Redlight.

This Blog isn't fake though, or an attempt to troll anyone.

I was trying to convey something to you though, it's up to you if you'd like to continue trying to figure it out.


End Transmission.

The Satellites are down.

I'll need an Earthquake just to shake Reach off my trail?

Do you think I'm fake little boy? You of the most questionable sanity. I have never seen such an unbelievably hypocritical statement. Everything about you has proven false. What happened to Revenants oh mighty god Reach?


And then,


made a deal with them. 
And they looked out with their six billion eyes and saw,
the man went on oblivious that he was really affected by his deal with the devil
and he went on creating false love emanating from people who have always loathed him.
And they looked out with their six billion eyes 
As the man went on receiving no spoken dismay for their exchange
And they looked out with their six billion eyes and saw,


And then they looked out with their six billion eyes.
And the man asked for their assistance.
And they all spoke as one at the exact same time.
"Let's negotiate."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ah Yes

You were wondering what the ratio was right? Easy, it was the ratio of blogging runners to Proxies.
I've been hearing about a certain storm around here and it had gotten me curious as to what exactly happened. Thanks to pictures and the wonderful appliance MS Paint, I got to experience the events first hand.

I had forged the email that girl posted on her Blog. It was a practical joke that got out of hand and I never really expected Frap and Friends to stop fighting.

Luckily someone forwarded said email and now a lot of Bloggers have been accused of being frauds. Including myself but that's not because of the email, that's because people can't believe I'm gracing the Internet with my presence.

I don't really care. I'm as happy as a small child with a bag full of treats. Who would've thought I could cause such a . . .schism would be the right word. And now even as I type this there is no way to fix anything what with me being accused of being a fraud also.

You'll never know if I really did forge that email or not and I think that's the best part.



Well that worked. I lowered the ratio. That's something I can boast over later hmm?

Friday, March 25, 2011

You Should Know This Already

It's me again.

I've done terrible things to all of you haven't I?

I won't pretend I'm going to start doing the right thing now, by making this Blog.

But at least I can look back on my sins here when you're all gone. That's all for now. I've got nothing else to say.