Wednesday, April 6, 2011


You should know who I am.

I may not be Redlight

But I've always signed off with




  2. If this is Rika I'm going to slam my head into a wall.

  3. If this is Rika I'm going to slam HER head into a wall. Multiple times. Until it cracks open. Then. BRAIN PIE.

  4. what in hell did she do to you guys? She broke my windows with a baseball bat, and beaned me in the head with a pipe, aside from general chicanery.

  5. The only people I can think of with R-names are Reach, Robert, Rika, Redlight, and Ron. Maybe it's Rorschach?

  6. Well, this is definitely beneath Reach and Ron, both of whom are so opposed to this kind of tomfoolery that I think they're sooner put a knife through their own guts than pull a stunt like this.

    So, Robert? Possibly, the man is one hell of an unreliable narrator.
    Rika would definitely have done something like this.
    Redlight, nah.
    Not familiar enough with Rorschach to make a judgment.

  7. The only Rorschachs I know are the psychology thing and the Watchmen character, which was a fantastic book.

    There's also "Remnant", of course, but that's definitely not it.

  8. Remnant?

    That's a name...I haven't heard in a long time...a long time

    Of course I know him.

    He's me.

  9. okay so if this is 'Rika', it's not the original one, since she got ripped to pieces...

    damn there's something about that I just can't remember.

    So...are you the new one I met? The black girl, bright colors, sledge hammer and...erm...gratuitous endowments?

    God please let there be no big posse of Rikas

  10. Apparently there is a posse of Rikas according to the one on your Blog, zerosage(a name with a number meaning nothing, you have all of my respect and undying love).

  11. i believe in a posse of Rikas like I believe in a posse of Redlights. But it's easy to see why so many people try to adopt the personality of one or the other.

    They've lost who they are, forgotten their names. These nameless soulless bodies grasp at any sense of individuality, any personality, convincing themselves that they're the 'real' one, desperate to give themselves identities.

    Isn't that right, Fakelight?

  12. You would know all about being desperate to find an identity, wouldn’t you Zerombr, oops I mean Zero, oh wait no I mean Remnant, oh no never mind I mean Zerosage. Hmm wonder if you’ll live long enough to change your mind about who you are again?

  13. my name changes, my purpose remains, and while I may question myself at times, somehow I've never had to steal a dead person's identity to soldier on.

  14. What amuses me the most about that comment is that you seem to think she was the first. How do you know it was actually her name to begin with?

  15. What can I say? You always remember your first proxy, beaning you with a pipe, and kicking your door down with a goon squad to drag you before their master.

    Is that what you're going to try with me too? I seem to recall what happened to the last one.

  16. Oh sugar, I have my own style, I don't need to imitate your brainless beauty. In fact I wouldn't want to. After all, the only thing that got her was you staring at her ass. I have better prizes to claim.

  17. Richer Rock...

    Eighth Grade.

    If this is you, It's the very same Noland.